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    This product is our independent research and development of high-end products.? Introducing international latest technology, used the latest international technology and processing technology, formatted a series of products, product specifications cover automotive glass requirements. Technical indicators and parameters of glass washing machine have same level with international famous brand. Customized service, easy operation and quick maintenance get unanimously endorsed by domestic and foreign customers.


    1. 清洗干燥速度可實現0.5m/min12m/min,高速高效滿足不同類型客戶生產節拍要求,運行穩定;

    ? Washing and drying speed is from 0.5m / min to 12m / min, high-speed and efficient meet different types of customer production requirements, and stable operation;

    2.???? 全不銹鋼護罩,創新的風刀布局設計,且風刀壓力可視,直觀了解干燥狀態;

    ? All stainless steel cover, Innovative air knife layout design, besides air knife and pressure is visible, grasp the drying state intuitively.

    3.???? 水霧導流結構設計,引導水蒸氣排放,防止污染環境;

    ? Water mist diversion structure design, guide water vapor emissions, is to prevent environment pollution;

    4.???? 精致的風刀結構設計和生產制造,誤差范圍+/-0.1mm,有效切除玻璃表面上的任何雜物,不留任何痕跡;

    ??? Exquisite air knife structure design and manufacture, error range is +/- 0.1mm, can remove any debris on the glass surface effectively, and without leaving any traces;

    5.???? 國內領先的風過濾系統和水過濾系統,采用低能耗滿足要求

    ? Advanced wind and water filtration system, using the lowest energy to meet the maximum requirements;


    6.???? 全智能控制,自動分辨工作狀態與非工作狀態,非工作狀態,可自動減少水的能耗,自動減少電的能耗,進入工作狀態后,10秒內立刻進入工作狀態;

    ? Intelligent control, automatic distinguish working and non-working state. When non-working state, it can reduce water consumption and energy consumption automatically, When into the working state, only need 10 seconds back to best working condition immediately.

    7.???? 操作界面簡單易懂,采用人機對話界面。

    ?? Easy and pellucid operation interface, use man-machine dialogue interface.